OEM Supply H920b Back Hub Bearing - H3 series adapter sleeve – MJE


Adapter sleeve is used to fix the conic aperture self-aligning bearing(self-aligning ball bearing and spherical roller bearing) on the non-bearing shoulder bearing.It is simply structured and its working is reliable as well as easily bearing replacement.It is widely used in the lines of textiles,light industry,metallurgy and belt convey etc.

Adapter sleeve is the most components used for locating bearings with a tapered bore onto a cylindrical seat as they can be used on smooth or stepped shafts.They are easy to mount and require no additional location on the shafts.

When adapter sleeve are used on smooth shafts, the bearing can be located at any position on the shaft.When used on stepped shafts, together with abutment ring,bearings can be accurately positioned axially and bearing dismounting is also facilitated.


MJE adapter sleeve adopts QPQ salt bath composite processing technique.It is advanced technique in the field of metallurgy.Multiple elements were added on the metal surface in the two different nature of salt bath.These elements makes it increasing improved in terms of abrasive resistance,corrosion resistance.And this technique also has the advantage of non-deformation,pollution-free and energy-saving.

A:Adopted by QPQ salt bath technique,it can increase the abrasive resistance of metal surface.

B:It can better improve the corrosion resistance. For example,in the atmosphere,45#steel ‘s corrosion resistance can be reached 16 times of hard chrome plating.

C:By using QPQ technique,it can improve fatigue strength of steel,cast iron by 20%-200%.

D:The size and shape of workpiece changed very little after working processed by QPQ technique.

E:Easy and convenient for dismounting with bearing.

F:It can protect the supporting shaft neck not to be damaged.

Additional modes:

Suffix Description
H Code of type for adapter sleeve
A Code of type for adapter sleeve
AH Code for adapter sleeve with taper core 1:12
AH2 Code for adapter sleeve with taper core 1:30
AHX Code for adapter sleeve with taper core 1:12 and different size of screw thread
KM Lock nut code with 4 groove
HM Lock nut code with 8 groove
MB Lock washer code
MS Lock code
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